Wire and Nylon
     Brushes & Wheels

Wire wheels have provided solutions for deburring, cleaning, and finishing for years. Nylon filament brushes offer deburring of machined parts to break the sharp edge, on pedestal grinders hand tools, or as the last step of the machine operation. In the stainless steel industry, they can help remove the weld discoloration. In welding operations, wire wheels are often used to prepare the surface by removing scale and corrosion, then after welding to help remove spatter. Cleaning threads or removing old coatings are other popular applications for wire wheels.


Wire wheels and brushes come in a variety of shapes and sizes designed for specific applications: 

  • Shaft-mounted end brushes and wheels are for light deburring or clean up.

  • Crimped wire wheels for removing coatings, discoloration, and light deburring.

  • Knot wire brushes for cleaning heavy corrosion, deburring, weld prep, and cleaning. 


Wire is available in carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze, or brass. Wheels are available with shaft mounts, 5/8-11 hubs or with arbor holes. Designs include straight wheels, cup brushes, cross hole deburring brushes, tube brushes, and strip brushes. 


Nylon brush filaments are available with silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, or ceramic abrasive grain, with grit range from 46 to 320. Brush designs include wheels, discs, cup, end and tube, with shafts, arbor holes, or 5/8-11 hubs.