Why a Job Shop?
Mass Finishing Job Shops Association

Why does S.O.T. have a job shop? 

The answer is simple:

To provide a need and meet the demands of our customer base.


Our job shop and fabrication services continue to be a valuable asset for S.O.T. Abrasives & Equipment and for our customers.

The job shop accomplishes two important objectives:

  1. Providing services for customers until they can justify the capital equipment investment to bring the application in-house. ​

  2. Providing specialty finishing capabilities that customers do not have within their own facilities.


Here are a few examples of how we accomplish those objectives:

  • We are able to provide specialty finishing capabilities, such as steel media ball burnishing, for a customer whose vibratory process is set up for non-metallic media.

  • We can assist with overflow production in abrasive media blasting, powder coating, or vibratory finishing when the customer’s capacity is overwhelmed.

  • When a customer's equipment is down, we can laser cut parts, tumble deburr, or peen parts in the wheel blast cabinets, to help fill their production needs.

  • When job specifications require very low Ra finish, we have the high energy centrifugal disc machines, vibratory medias, and the expertise, to obtain these unique and sometimes complicated results.


The job shop is set up to provide services to our customer base in a timely manner. The goal for a majority of our job shop services is a 48-hour turnaround time.
Other Advantages of the Job Shop:

The S.O.T. job shop is also a demonstration facility. The job shop allows the customer to evaluate the equipment performance before making the capital investment for their own equipment. Customers can bring sample parts and take the equipment for a "test drive", to insure it will meet their production needs.

We utilize the job shop capabilities as a processing lab as well to develop processes for our customers. We can test the parts in abrasive air blast, wheel blast, or vibratory applications to meet the finish requirements and production objectives. This data will allow us to determine the most efficient and productive finishing process. We can then give our customers advice on the best equipment and media to use for their applications.

With the job shop, our sales team gets to work with the equipment, products, and applications we sell and service daily. This is what differentiates S.O.T. Abrasives & Equipment from other businesses in the industry. This experience provides us with exceptional product and application knowledge - a value-added service to our customers as problem solvers - that sets us apart in our market segments.

The Richardson location also houses our product showroom and meeting facility. Visitors get to view the wide range of finishing products and equipment from the industry leading manufacturers that we partner with all on display in comfortable environment.

Our Job Shop Services Include: