Abrasive Wheel Blast Services 

S.O.T. added abrasive wheel blast services to provide an efficient and productive alternative to air blast. We began getting jobs where the labor or media for manual air blast was not the best option. These parts were ideal for batch processing in a wheel blast cabinet using metallic media - such as steel shot, steel grit or stainless cut wire - for increased throughput. 

Our first wheel machine was a 3 cubic foot capacity tumble blaster. Volume increased and dictated that we double the capacity with a 6 cubic foot tumble blast machine.

Not all parts are candidates for batch processing in a tumble wheel blast machine. Some parts are too heavy, delicate or awkwardly shaped for tumble blasting to be an option. To process these types of parts effectively, we added a dual-chamber, spinner hanger, wheel blast machine.  

In a spinner hanger, individual parts are placed on fixtures. As the parts enter the blast chamber, they rotate to be exposed to the media blast thrown by two wheels. No part-on-part impingement and each part receives full coverage. We have a variety of fixtures compatible with most parts, but custom fixtures can also be fabricated.
Abrasive Wheel Blast finishing capabilities:
     •    Corrosion removal
     •    Descaling
     •    Surface preparation
     •    Surface treatment
     •    Burnish
     •    Peening
     •    Blending marks or imperfections
     •    Deburring
     •    Finishing
     •    Etching
     •    Profile
     •    Deflashing
     •    Cleaning

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