Vibratory Media 

Vibratory media, also known as tumbling or mass finishing media, is available in a wide-range of shapes, sizes, and compositions. In recent years, new compositions have been introduced to provide a wider range of finishes, show less wear, and have higher cut rates.


Vibratory media is used for a number of applications, including deburring, cleaning, blending, surface improving and finishing, surface preparation, edge radius, pre-plating, burnishing, and polishing.


The factors used to determine which type of media to use will be based on the objective of the process, the type of material or alloy being processed, type of vibratory equipment available, and the finish requirements for the parts. Most vibratory processes can be accomplished in a one-step operation.


There are two components to effective vibratory finishing: vibratory media and vibratory compounds. The vibratory compounds work in conjunction with media to provide the desired results of deburring, cleaning, brightening, and finishing. 


Types of Vibratory Media
Washington Mills Duramedia


Pre-formed ceramic media is the most popular type of vibratory media. Ceramic media offer a wide-range of finishing capabilities, with formulations for extremely fast-cutting, medium-cutting, light-cutting, and non-abrasive burnishing compositions.  

The compositions range from ultra-lightweight (65 lbs cu. ft.) to high-density formulations (130 lbs cu. ft.). Most formulations will utilize aluminum oxide grain mixed in the ceramic composition to provide the cut and finishing characteristics