Vibratory Mass Finishing Services

Vibratory finishing was the first job shop service S.O.T. offered to meet a customer’s need. It began with one customers deburr job processed in a small bowl machine with ceramic media.


To meet increasing customer needs, more equipment was put into service to offer additional finishing capabilities. Larger bowls were added for higher volume finishing. Steel media ball burnishing was added, as well as high energy disc finishing. The wide variety of shapes and sizes of media, along with vibratory compounds, were added to provide different and unique finishes. 

Currently, we have eight Roto-Finish vibratory bowl machines in service, offering 7, 10, or 12 cubic feet of processing capacity. One bowl is dedicated to steel media processing. The remaining bowls are used for processing parts with a wide variety of ceramic, porcelain, or plastic vibratory media. Parts are dried in a bowl with crushed corn cob or in a spin dryer. 

The job shop has 4 high-energy centrifugal disc machines. The disc finishers are ideal for small parts to achieve an edge radius, to meet low Ra surface finish requirements, or to obtain polished appearances. Small flat parts have a tendency to stick together in normal vibratory processing, but the action of the high energy disc helps keep them apart for consistent finishing.


Vibratory Finishing capabilities include:

  • Steel media ball burnishing

  • Pre-plate or pre-anodize finishes

  • Tumble deburring

  • Surface improvement

  • Low Ra finishing

  • Blending of machine lines

  • Edge radius

  • Edge break

  • Polish

  • Cleaning

  • Descaling

  • Tumble deflashing

  • Surface preparation