Vibratory "Mass Finishing" Equipment
Hammond Roto-Finish HR Series
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Vibratory finishing is not just for deburring any longer. With new design innovations, and engineering, mass finishing equipment can deliver a wide range of finishing processes. Vibratory processing can span a wide range of finishing needs: cleaning, deburring, blending, surface prep, improve surface finish, burnishing and polishing.


  • New vibratory bowls can now be equipped with high frequency drive systems that accelerate the media action to reduce time cycles and improve surface finishes. 

  • High energy equipment, centrifugal disc and barrels, provides edge radius, surface finish and high production rates. 


Spindle finishing can attain finishes that no other mass finishing application can achieve, low surface and polished finishes, with time cycles less than a minute.


Vibratory Tubs

The entry level machine would be a tub style tumbler. Tub vibratory machines, usually 3 or 5 cubic foot capacity, are ideal for metal fab shops that have a variety of part sizes and shapes for cleaning, deburring or blending. Tubs are not meant for high production.


Vibratory Bowls

Vibratory finishing bowl machines would be recommended for most production applications. Vibratory bowls come in a number of sizes, or cubic foot capacities. 
Operating capacity represents the actual amount of media and parts that can be processed, not the overall capacity of the bowl. Bowl sizes, ranging from 1 to 100 cubic foot. 


Hammond Roto-Finish is the industry leader in mass finishing vibratory bowl equipment. There are a few features that set them apart. Roto-Finish vibratory bowls have the best unloading capabilities with their built in parts and media separation gate and screen decks. Standard with all Roto-Finish mass finishing equipment is the metering systems to regulate the water and compound solution for consistent results. Roto-Finish machines have an adjustable, eccentric weight system, where the top and lower weight segments can be easily adjusted to increase or decrease the media roll and feed.     


The Gemini Vortex Series is the entry level product line available in 4, 7 or 11 cubic foot models. They are ideal for processing with ceramic or plastic media.  Models are available with parts separation with hand lever gate, or in a flat bottom version.


The HR Spiratron Series features an extended internal wrap around screen deck that increases the separation area to reduce the potential for media carry out.  HR models range in sizes; 3 to100 cubic feet, in straight wall, curved wall, flat bottom or dryer models.


HR Options

Speaking of options, the HR Series has a number of features available to tailor a machine for specific finishing applications. 

  • Automated panel allows for process cycles to be pre-set, and automatically unload parts after the process is complete. 

  • Media classification can be added to remove chips, slugs or worn media before it becomes a lodging issue.

  • Rinse stations allow for parts to be sprayed with fresh water to remove any residue after processing. 

  • Recirculating inhibit stations allows corrosion protection to be sprayed onto parts exiting on the screen deck.  

  • Other options include; inverse separation, step-in screens, feed-to transfer, load chute and sound covers.


HR V-Max is the newest innovation from Hammond Roto-Finish.  Utilizing high frequency technology, the RPM and media action is almost double that of a standard vibratory bowl at lower overall amplitude.  V-Max offers a tighter media mass, with more media contact on the parts for better surface finishing, less peening and reduced time cycles.   


HR Combo machines combine media processing and part drying into one machine, reducing the cost and floor space required for 2 machines.  Drying channel will typically utilize crushed corn cob to dry and clean parts after the media process. 


Multi-Pass is unsurpassed in the industry for continuous processing.  Parts can be fed from a press, screw machine or saw for “first-in, first-out” processing.  Smaller process channels yield more media turns per foot of travel.  Part spacing is maintained to prevent part-on-part contact. 


HR Long Radius provides a few advantages over standard HR vibratory bowls.  Long radius bowls provide higher amplitude, better feed for longer parts and capable of continuous or batch processing.  Higher amplitude, in combination with narrower process channels, increases media action yielding more media turns per feet of travel.


High Energy Finishing: Hammond Roto-Finish offers three options for high energy processing:

  1. Roto-Max centrifugal disc is available in 1, 2, 3 and 6 cubic foot models.  The Roto-Max rotor creates a vortex action in the process ring, producing a process up to 15 times faster than a standard vibratory bowl. Ideal for small or flat parts to obtain radius specification, low surface finish specification or highly burnished parts.

  2. Roto Centrifugal Barrels offer high energy finishing options for small or delicate parts.  The RCB centrifugal barrels are commonly used to finish medical devices and components.  The jewelry industry will use centrifugal barrels to process parts to obtain a pre-plate or highly polished finish.

  3. Spin-Finish, also known as Spindle Finishing, is a fast growing segment for Hammond Roto-Finish.  In this process, parts are fixtured and introduced to the moving media mass. This imparts the greatest force of direct contact of media onto the surface of the pasts for amazing results and extremely fast cycle times.  


Note: S.O.T. Abrasives & Equipment operates one of the largest vibratory job shops in the country.  The job shop also serves as a process lab to evaluate processes in vibratory bowls and centrifugal disc machines.  Hammond Roto-Finish also has a process lab to evaluate processes for the proper media, compound and equipment to meet the job requirements.  Please contact us to help you develop a productive and efficient mass finishing process.