Tapes and Adhesives

At 3M, they never forget that their success was sealed by a roll of tape. A single inventive way of solving a customer’s problem more than 85 years ago led to a breakthrough that became known as “Scotch Tape”, an invention that changed the world. The curious minds at 3M continue that legacy of quality and innovation every day, by meeting new customer needs.  

Today the Industrial Adhesive and Tape division, is one of the largest divisions within 3M, consistently looking for new ways to reduce costs and save time. Typically, adhesives and tapes do not require major capital investments to implement into production. Bond and seal simultaneously, and increase substrate and stress characteristics, while reducing process steps such as weld grinding, or labor and materials for assemblies using screws, nuts, bolts or rivets.


Tapes provide a wide range of permanent or re-positional capabilities including: bonding, sealing, packaging, masking, seaming, marking, bundling, and mounting.  

Painters tape features include: clean release, super-sharp fine line, high temperature, no bleed, UV, and solvent resistant. Ask us about “Masking Made Simple” with 3M’s 101+, 201+, 301+, 401+ or 501+ tape products.

Bonding tapes, such as 3M VHB, offers instant strength, a high bond and seals simultaneously.  

The rest of the tape family includes a variety of duct, foil, double coated, foam and safety tapes. Re-closable hook and loop, or dual lock, fasteners as also available.  

3M Sandblast Stencil Products includes single or double lined products for friction, slot or tractor fed plotters, as well as hand or die cut. Stencil products are offered in varied adhesion levels to prevent edge lift and yet allows for clean release. Stencils are available in different thicknesses to withstand the abrasive blast on glass, pavers, tile, concrete, stone, wood, metal, or foam substrates.

It has been claimed, that you are no further than 15 feet from a 3M product. Chances are, it is some type of assembly that uses a 3M adhesive product. Maybe it is the adhesive used to bond the foam and fabric in a chair cushion, to bond the laminate to the substrate of your desk, to adhere the headliner in your automobile, or to lock threads on the equipment you are working with.

The adhesive line of products is vast, with a wide variety of capabilities. It includes products for spray, aerosol, instant, contact, cartridge, and hot melt adhesive applications. The line also includes cleaners and lubricants. 
Obtain industrial strength bonding with Scotch-Weld, two-part, structural adhesives. The sealant line includes products for construction, marine, fire barrier, and through penetration projects.

Your specific application is what determines which tape or adhesive product is the best option. If you are looking for a painters masking tape, but the paint cure is not high temperature, why pay a premium for the high temperature rating?  Will you be bonding plastic to wood, or to metal?  There is a tape or adhesive designed for each application. 


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