Sanding and Graining Services

     S.O.T. offers job shop sanding and graining services.

These services are typically for surface preparation prior to

powder coating, or to meet finish requirements, similar a #4

stainless steel food service specification. 

•    Graining can be accomplished on a 37" wide belt

sander, or stroke sander, capable of handling parts up

to 5' in length. 
•    A center-less grinder is available for graining,

finishing, or polishing tubes or pipes.
•    Belt sanders and grinders are available for deburring

and stock removal.
•    Orbital finishing with Dynabrade sanders with 

downdraft tables for surface preparation prior to

powder coating.
•    Weld grinding and blending.
•    Weld spatter removal.
•    Deburring.
•    Satin or brush finishes.

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