Sanding Accessories

S.O.T. maintains inventory on all the accessories you need for your grinding, sanding and finishing applications. 


  • Random, orbital sanders' back-up pads are available in a wide-range of designs.  Vinyl-faced for PSA discs and Velcro style short nap for sanding discs and long nap for non-woven discs. Thicknesses range from 3/8” low profile, 1/2" standard and 5/8” thick tapered, with densities ranging from extra soft, soft, medium, and hard. Back-up sanding pads come in non-vacuum version, and a number of options for vacuum sanding, with; 5, 6, 8, 44 and 52-hole pattern designs. 

  • Back-up pads for resin fiber discs will range from thin-profile phenolic, thermoplastic, or heavy-duty, rubber, spiral designs.

  • Dynabrade contact arms and contact wheels are in stock for popular Dynafile models.


  • Pneumatic inflatable wheels are available for hand tools and pedestal grinders to hold sanding belts, pump sleeves or non-woven belts. 


  • Rubber-expander wheels are available for hand tools, pedestal stands and with 1/4" shanks for die grinders. Rubber contact wheels for belt sanders and grinders are available in wide range of sizes and durometers, in smooth or serrated.


  • Abrasive flap wheels typically require either an adapter to mount on the arbor shafts of hand tools or plates to mount onto the stationary finishing equipment.


  • Mandrels are stocked for cartridge rolls, cut-off wheels, unitized wheels and quick change discs.


  • Air hose, quick connect couplings, pneumatic tool oil, grease sticks, belt eraser cleaners and swivel fittings are other products in stock to keep your operation running efficiently.  



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