Product Demonstrations

Product Demonstrations 

Product demonstrations are available on a majority of our product lines. S.O.T. enjoys a distinct and unique position in the industry, which is our job shop, demo, and showroom facility in Richardson, TX.

Yes, we sell this equipment and products, but we also get to work with it on a daily basis. We understand the operations and functionality of the products. Customer can visit the facility to evaluate a number of different types of finishing equipment. Bring some sample parts and take the equipment on a "test drive" to see the performance first hand.


Equipment to Demo at the Facility

Equipment to demo at the Richardson​ facility includes: suction and pressure blast cabinets, blast room, vibratory bowls, and centrifugal disc machines, tumble wheel blast, and spinner hanger wheel blast, powder coating equipment, booth and curing oven, belt sanders, downdraft tables, hand tools, coated, and bonded abrasives.


Field Demonstrations

 Field demos are available for coated and bonded abrasives, band saw blades, hand tools, paint pumps, paint guns, powder equipment, and personnel safety products.


Manufacturers Programs

S.O.T. is fortunate to have great partnerships with industry leading manufacturers. Because of our focus on finishing applications, this allows us quick access to new product releases and R&D prototype testing. The solution to your finishing need may have just hit the market.