Powder Coating Services

S.O.T. Abrasives & Equipment job shop offers powder coating services. Providing powder coating services was not in the initial plans when S.O.T. set up the new job shop facility in Richardson. The intention for the Global Finishing Systems powder coating booth, curing oven and Sames powder coating system, was to provide prospective customers an opportunity to evaluate and demo the equipment.  

When a long time customer toured the new facility, and found out we had the capability to help them with overflow work, powder coating services were added to the line-up.  

The powder coating booth is 12’ W x 18’ L x 10’ H. The powder curing oven is 10’ W x 16’ L x 10’ H. Both are batch style units.  

The color, texture, and application options for powder coatings are virtually endless. Powder coating finishes are available to provide high durability, chemical or UV resistance, corrosion, and anti-graffiti prevention.   

We recently partnered with some vendors that provide laser etching or printing on powder coated products like stainless steel cups, signs, electronic panels, or labels.


Finishes available: 
•    Matte 
•    Semi-gloss
•    High gloss
•    Metallic flake
•    Textured
•    Multi-colored 
•    UV protection 
•    Resistant coatings
•    Laser-etching

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