Pneumatic and Electric Tools

S.O.T. Abrasives & Equipment offers a full line of pneumatic and electric tools to complement our abrasive products. 


Dynabrade is our primary line of portable pneumatic tools. Dynabrade has earned the reputation as the industry leader for innovative design and engineering, and offers a full line of quality tools. Dynabrade is proudly “Made in the USA” and offers the best tool warranties in the industry.


One of their first innovations was the Dynafile belt tool. You will find a Dynafile in almost every metal fabrication shop for deburring, blending or finishing applications. 

Dynabrade offers 3 models of random orbital sanders, and 3 different orbit patterns, fine finishing 3/32”, multi-purpose 3/16” and aggressive 3/8”.


Die grinders are available in straight line, right angle and offset angles. The variety of power ranges from .4hp up to 1hp to handle any job using carbide burrs, cartridge rolls, wire wheels, mounted points or quick change discs. Disc sanders and right angle grinders are available for 2” through 7” discs and wheels.  


Dynabrade offers a number of dust and contaminant collection systems.  Many of their tools are available with vacuum shrouds to comply with source capture regulations to be used with central or portable vacuum systems. Portable vacuum systems are available for single or dual operators, in electric or pneumatic power. Downdraft tables are available for dry and wet applications.


S.O.T. has earned the distinction of a Dynabrade “Superbrader” Distributor. We work directly with the Dynabrade factory personnel to demonstrate the tools to our customers. We stock the tool accessories and offer repair services for most of the Dynabrade tools.  


S.O.T. is pleased to offer pneumatic tools from Patco, Top Cat, Eagle Tools and Florida Pneumatic. Each of these tool lines offer some unique or niche tools that have created a very loyal customer base. Having all these product lines allow S.O.T. the ability to evaluate the application and recommend the best tool value to our customer.


S.O.T. is pleased to offer products from two of the industry leading electric tool manufacturers. DeWalt and Metabo offer a full line of corded and cordless tools. New battery technology yields more power, greater torque and longer life, which expands the range of tools that can be operated. Cordless tools now range from right angle grinders, drills, drivers, circular saws, band saws, nailer, jig saws, lights and inspection cameras.


Corded electric tools innovations keep evolving to offer slimmer bodies, lighter weights and more powerful motors. When is comes to tools, similar to abrasive products, there are “good, better and best options”. Good category would be considered an entry level tool for non-production operations. Better category will have more powerful motors and tool features for longer life and consistent performance. The best tools will offer additional “Safety Features” such as; multi-position handles, non-locking switch, safety clutch, auto brake system and electronic speed stabilization to protect the operator and the tool.