Parts Washers and Dryers

Industrial parts washers offer a wide variety of processes in batch style or flow through systems. Aqueous cleaners provide an environmentally safe option for effective cleaning. Stainless steel construction on whetted surfaces will provided extended service life.


Depending on the application, the batch style cabinet washers can include options to maximize the cleaning operation, such as: rotating baskets, agitated immersion, ultrasonic cleaning, rinse and dry.


Front loading parts washers range from small cell operations to large units with 120" turntable with a five ton weight capacity.


Top loading cabinets can be designed for single part processing in cell operations. Many top load cabinets will be designed for batch process for smaller parts utilizing the rotating basket with either agitation or ultrasonic for efficient cleaning. 


Rotary baskets have seen a lot of advancements in engineering and design. These units will submerge the parts in the cleaning solution, as the basket rotates, the jets purge the parts to remove oils, chips and soils. Ultrasonic cleaning package is available for critical cleaning specifications. Cleaning is followed by a rinse and drying cycle. These units are ideal for medical, aerospace, and automotive industries.


Flow through systems include conveyor, rotary drum and monorail designs. Flow through systems have a flexible design to provide single or multiple operations. Some applications may simply require a wash, other may require a rinse and dry operation. If needed, additional tanks can be included to provide corrosion protection or phosphate application.


Rotary drums will be a good choice for high production of small or lightweight parts as long as they can roll without incurring part-on-part damage. The rotary drum will combine immersion and spray during the cleaning process. Single and dual chambers are available to maximize the investment, through-put and floor space.


Belt spray washers will be used for larger or heavier parts that will not move when hit with high impact or high volume water nozzle. Some applications may require air knives to remove water from areas where it can be trapped or pool. Belt washers can be equipped with a return-to-operator design for a single operator or robotic cell operations. Dual chambers are available, even with a combo belt and rotary drum to provide a solution for multiple cleaning needs. 


Monorail wash systems are often used in-line to provide the cleaning, rinsing, drying and surface prep prior to painting or powder coating. Some applications, like dunnage washers, can be a simple wash for pallets, totes and containers to remove chips, dirt and oils. Available in single or dual chambers.


Optional equipment and features are available to insure the unit matches your job's requirements and expectations, such as: chip baskets, oil separators, blow off, particulate filters, tank insulation, load chutes, automatic parts feeders, mist eliminators, variable speed drives and automatic chemical feed systems.


Open water wash bays will be found in some facilities to offer quick wash of parts prior to coating. These can also be used to apply surface prep coating such as phosphate to parts prior to paint or powder coating.