Paint Pots and Pumps

There are many options for moving the coatings from a container to a spray gun. Most options depend on the volume to maximize production.


Pressure Tanks and Pots operate on low fluid pressures, primarily to move the coating to the spray gun, not to atomize. Atomization can be done with fan control adjustment screw at the back of the gun. Pressure pots are available in stainless, aluminum, or galvanized steel. Popular sizes are 2, 5, 10, and 15 gallons. There are a variety of options available. Choose from a tank with no regulator, single or double regulators, and with or without agitation. Pot liners are available as a popular option for quick color change, easy clean up, and reduced labor time. Paint pots are inexpensive, flexible, and easily upgraded to add functionality compared to other systems. They also require minimal repair and maintenance, resulting in lower long term expense with accurate pressure control, especially at low pressures.


Diaphragm pumps are the next progressive step up from pots, allowing the fluid too be pulled directly from the container. This provides longer paint cycles and reduces clean up time and labor. Diaphragm pumps are also used to transfer coating from one container to another or in a re-circulation system. In many cases, larger diaphragm pumps can be used in a paint supply room to supply pressure to low pressure spray guns either in a dead-end system or a circulating system.


High pressure pumps are used for true production finishing in the metal and wood industries, typically with Airless, Air Assisted Airless spray guns. Fluid pressures can be as high as 8000 psi, depending on the Airless pump and coating material. Some pumps are capable of supplying multiple spray guns with the many options that are offered. 


Plural Component, 2k or 3k Systems have been available for years, and industry demands have helped realize the benefits. Many operations using two part or three part components would mix the material or hot-pot the material, but now with short set up time it would lead to higher operation costs and a lot of waste to dispose of. Plural systems will use mechanical or electronic metering to mix the "A" and "B" or "C" components. The system is set to mix the ratio set by the paint manufacture and components are combined in the mix tube and only deliver what the operator at the gun needs. This reduces: the labor to mix, wasted material, and damage to equipment by cured coatings due to short set up time.


Color change systems offer accurate mixing of plural components and the ability to provide quick color changes. Manual color change systems allow multiple colors through manifold valves for quick changes and increased production. Most systems offer flexibility for easy adjustment the coatings recipes, with flush cycles between each color change. Standard units can be equipped to handle up to 1 different base component and 1 catalyst. Upgraded with options or engineered systems can be designed to handle more colors components and catalysts. Color change systems can be set up for manual operations or automated finishing systems, such as flat line finishers for the cabinet door industry or pipe and tank painting.


Ram style pumps are available for high viscosity material, such as sealants and adhesives. Ram pumps are available for 5 & 55 gallon models with many options.


Pump spare parts, seal kits, fluid hoses, and air hoses are available for pots and pumps to maintain productive operation. 


Paint equipment and accessories to improve productivity include carts or wall mount brackets, pail and drum covers with agitators, elevator lifts for drum lids, paint shakers, paint heaters, circulation valves, hose wraps, gun cleaning kits, in-line fluid filters, clean air coalesce, filters, regulators, PPS, and DeKups disposable cup systems and scrubs in-a-bucket.


Paint pumps and spray gun demonstrations are available. Most manufacturers offer a "Try Before You Buy" program to fully evaluate the new system to insure it meets the application and productions requirements.