Mounted Points

Mounted points offer a number of efficient and productive options for deburring and finishing applications. The wide-range of compositions, grits, and shapes can offer fast, one-step finishing and deburring. 


You can find mounted points being used in the aerospace, automotive, medical, steel fabrication, aluminum fabrication, stainless steel fabrication, die-casting, investment casting, and forging industries.


Mounted points are used on die grinders to blend welds, deburr sharp edges, finish machined, cast or forged parts, clean molds, and clean dies. 


Mounted points are available in different bond types:

  • Resin

  • Hot Resin

  • Vitrified

  • Cotton Fiber

  • Rubber 


Compositions range from hard to soft densities. There are several abrasive grains to choose from, including: silicon carbide, brown aluminum oxide, white aluminum oxide, zirconia, and ceramic. Available grit size ranges from 16 grit for aggressive stock removal to 320 grit for fine finishing and polishing.


There are over 200 shapes and sizes of mounted points to choose from. The shapes and sizes are grouped into three profile groups: A, B, and W. If you cannot find the right one, special makes are available. To assist with deburring, mounted points can be pre-grooved.


Standard shafts sized for mounted points are 1/8" or 1/4" x 1-1/2". The size and shape of the mounted points will determine the RPM rating for safe operation. 

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