Laser Cutting Services

Cutting metal parts with a laser has become common in many manufacturing facilities, but laser cutting services were difficult to find. It seemed that many of our customers had lasers, but they were dedicated for their own production needs. No one really seemed to be offering this as a job shop service. 

Based on these customer needs, there was an opportunity to add a new service to S.O.T. job shop, laser cutting:

  1. Some customers were maxing out the capacity on their lasers and needed someone to help with production overflow. 

  2. One of the first laser jobs came from a long-time customer, who had a laser, but for this job his table was too small. It was difficult for him to find someone with a laser large enough who was interested in his job. Our new table was large enough and we were able to turn the job is in 24 hours. 

  3. Another customer’s laser was out of service, and we were able to help maintain production for a few weeks until the repairs were completed.

The format files required for laser cutting services include: Solidworks, .DXF or .DWG. Conversion to these formats is available at S.O.T.

In 2018, we upgraded to the Trumpf 5030 fiber optic laser, along with an automatic sheet loader. This increased the throughput capacity, allowing for quicker job turns. The 5030 fiber laser also expanded the capabilities to cut thicker steel, stainless steel and aluminum. The 5030 allows us to offer cutting services on non-ferrous brass and copper alloys. 

Current capabilities of the 5030 Fiber Laser include: 

  • Max sheet size 60” x 120”

  • Mild Steel up to 1”

  • Stainless Steel up to 3/4" 

  • Aluminum up to 3/4"

  • Brass up to 3/8”

  • Copper up to 3/8”