Inventory Programs

Inventory Maintenance Programs 

These programs are used to establish "min/max" inventory levels of products or spare parts to reduce cost and maximize production. We work with the customer to keep their inventory turning, while backing them up with inventory in our warehouses.


As a distributor, we feel our responsibility is to have the products available for the customer when it is needed, instead of waiting 1-2 weeks to order from the manufacturer.


Vendor Managed Inventory Programs

 We work with a number of customers to help manage their inventory levels. We stop by on a regular schedule to take an inventory count of product on hand. Then we meet with the customer to discuss upcoming work load and determine the replenishment order quantities. The order is placed, and, because we have the product in stock, the delivery is made the following day.


Blanket PO Programs 

These programs are available for unique or special order products with long lead times. With the blanket PO, we will maintain inventory, so it is available when needed or on scheduled releases.


Point-of-Use Vending Solutions

Vending solutions are available to dispense consumable products. Coil vending machines, supply lockers, drawer and cage systems can track usage and provide cost savings.