About S.O.T. Abrasives & Equipment

     S.O.T. Abrasives and Equipment is a specialty distributor and job shop, focusing on finishing products, equipment, and applications.


     This unique combination allows them to work with the very same equipment and products that they sell to their customers.


     The job shop allows S.O.T. to provide finishing services to their customer base until those customers can justify investing in equipment to complete the same processes in-house. S.O.T. has not always had the ability to widely reach many customers, and the road to this success was not easy.


     After years on the road in sales, Michael Gumbert founded the company in 1973, so that he could spend more time with his family. At the time, Michael had not yet brainstormed for a name for his new company. Michael opted for his own name. Thus, the M.N. Gumbert Corporation was born. Michael was one of the leading authorities in the black oxide process used in blackening tool holders, gears, sprockets, and firearms. This created a strong foundation for the new company.


     A few years later, the trade name Sandpaper of Texas was adopted. The company motto, "The Start of a Good Finish," was created to catch the attention of prospective customers. Along with selling black oxide products, parts also needed to to be finished and prepped. The company adapted to sell those products to its customers along with the black oxide. This defined Sandpaper of Texas and helped it to grow into the business it is today.


     One of Michael's black oxide customers twisted his arm, or maybe even threatened him, to begin processing parts. Suddenly, S.O.T. was in the vibratory job shop business.


     Fast forward a few years, the business continued to grow and Michael reached out to one of his sons to see if he would be interested in joining the business. Steve Gumbert joined the S.O.T. family in 1987 and was able to evolve the business into the sandpaper and vibratory segments.


     As S.O.T. continued to grow, it allowed for expansion. The timeline to the side shows how the company grew with various acquisitions and new product lines.


     "The Start of a Good Finish" was not a one-step process and neither was the growth of Sandpaper of Texas. Many steps were taken to be where the company is today.


     They are proud of their growth knowing that it has been based on the relationships built with their customers and also with their vendors. 


     S.O.T.'s knowledge and expertise with finishing applications and processes sets them apart from others in the industry. 


     What they are most proud of, however, is that they still abide by the principles that Michael founded the company on:


  • Family is first. Work hard while you are here, and then go be with your family.


  • Integrity is key. Always do what is right.


  • Have fun. Enjoy what you do and do it well.


1994 - acquired Burr-Off Industries, a manufacturer of vibratory equipment and compounds

1987 - Steve Gumbert joins S.O.T. Family


1996 - became the exclusive Roto-Finish distributor for the state of Texas (Louisiana was later added)

1996 - became the exclusive Roto-Finish distributor for the state of Texas (Louisiana was later added)

1997 - became a distributor for Empire Abrasives Air Blast Equipment

2001 - acquired Cutrer Company, a local distributor focusing on the abrasive blast industry. Job Shop began offering services.

2000 - partnered with Norton Abrasives to continue growth in coated, bonded, and loose abrasives

2001 - became a Clemco/Zero Equipment distributor

2004 - purchased ABC Abrasives, a local distributor focusing on the sheet metal fabrication market allowing for new relationships with vendors such as Sait, VSM, Western Abrasives, and Modern Abrasives.

2005 - S.O.T. expands to Tulsa, Okla. with a sales office and warehouse

2006 - S.O.T. expands to San Antonio, Texas with a sales office and warehouse

2003 - the company was existing under three names, Sandpaper of Texas, Cutrer and Burr-Off Industries. By 2003, they had such an array of services and equipment that the name did not do the company justice. S.O.T. Abrasives & Equipment was the newly adopted business trade name.

2005-2006 - the personnel added in the Tulsa and San Antonio locations had extensive backgrounds in the paint industry. This opened the door for S.O.T. to begin selling paint guns, pots, and pumps from Graco, ITW Binks/DeVilbiss, and Exel Kremlin.

2009 - became a distributor for Global Finishing paint and powder booths and curing ovens

2011 - became a distributor for Gibson Wheel Blast equipment

2010 - earned the Dynabrade "Superbrader" distributor distinction

2014 - expanded the wheel blast services to include a spinner hanger unit

2017 - New VLM inventory system

2016 - became 3M full-line industrial distributor of abrasives, safety products, tapes, and adhesives.

2018 - Job Shop upgraded to a new Trumpf TruLaser 5030, fiber optic laser and new Trumpf Brake Press

2013 - added powder coating and laser cutting services to the job shop

2012 - relocated and expanded job shop facility to Richardson, Texas. Added blast room and tumble wheel blast machines. Job shop also has a showroom highlighting the product lines S.O.T. supplies