Metal Fabrication Services

Metal fabrication capabilities were added to solve

some of our own needs.

Out of that, S.O.T. added a few fabrication

capabilities to solve different issues. (It turned out to

be a really nice deer stand...and the feeders were

pretty impressive as well.)

The capabilities are primarily for one-off or some

short-run production.

During an installation of a plural-component paint

system, we needed a better method to mount the

pump equipment, control panel, and accessories.

There were not enough options and the lead times

were not within the customer's installation time-frame.

We were able to design, cut, brake, weld, prep, and

powder coat a rack system in just a few days. 

We had more opportunities to meet the needs of

our customers after that, but had no opportunities 

through vendors to complete the jobs. Many installs

and project require custom builds.

One project was for three, mobile, cart-mounted,
liquid pump systems, that would allow two operators
to apply paint strippers to aircraft. There was a similar
project for a cart-mounted, shot peening system,
complete with dust collection and PPE protection for
two operators. (You can see an example of this in the
slideshow to the right.)

With our metal fabrication capabilities, we were able to design and build the carts for these projects our customers needed to accomplish in reasonable pricing and lead time.


All Fabrication Capabilities: