Eyes, Ear and Head Protection

In today’s competitive marketplace, it is critical to

provide protection for your most valuable asset, your

personnel.  We all cherish our vision and hearing, and

now they are easier to protect. It doesn’t matter what

the application is; casting, forging, welding, metal fab,

wood working, grinding, blasting, painting or handling

chemicals, there are comfortable options to choose

from. Proper safety equipment creates a safer,

healthier and more productive workplace.  

Eye Protection

Eye protection options continue to advance for

different work environments and for different tasks.

All eye wear meets ANSI Z87.1+ requirements,

including impact and penetration resistance.  

Safety glasses have become very stylish and

lightweight. New styles offer comfort, secure fit and

a wide variety of lens coatings: from clear, to tinted,

to polarized, IR and UV filtering, anti-fog and scratch

resistance. Tinted lenses are not merely decorative,

but are designed to enhance the workers vision under
various conditions. 

Safety glasses are available with magnifiers or readers,
and select styles can accept RX lens inserts. Goggles
are available to provide maximum particles and chemical
splash protection.

Hearing Protection
Workplace Noise: The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) estimates that almost 22 million American workers each year are exposed to occupational noises that pose a hazard to their hearing. Even though OSHA regulations, and NIOSH recommendations in the U.S. require protection, occupational hearing loss is still the number one reported worker illness in manufacturing.

Hearing protection needs to be taken seriously, and protection should be comfortable, while providing proper level of sound attenuation to prevent noise-induced hearing loss on the job. It is critical to choose hearing protection products that fit and your personnel will actually wear. Different environments call for different type of protection products.

Hearing protection is tested to receive a “NRR” - Noise Reduction Rating. However, each hearing protector’s NRR is not really a good estimate for workplace noise reduction. Many factors, such as the relationship between the size of the wearer and size of the hearing protector, and how it has been inserted or fitted, can impact how effective that hearing protection actually is. 

Depending on the levels of protection required, the options range from disposable ear plugs, to reusable banded plugs and earmuffs. Disposable Earplugs, made from expandable slow-recovery foam, help provide a great combination of comfort and hearing protection for users. Once in the ear, foam earplugs expand to conform to the unique shape of each ear canal. Disposable ear plugs are available with or without cords.  Earmuffs can be worn with over-the-head models, inserted in helmets or attached to hard hats.

Head and Face Protection
New styles of hard hats are lighter and more comfortable than ever. Today, hard hats highlight engineering advancements in suspension design, sitting lower on the head to reduce pressure and increase security. Designs have improved protection and wearability.

Hard hats are rated Type I or Type II for impact protection.  Bump caps can provide limited protection against minor bumps and abrasions but do not meet ANSI impact requirements.  

Hard hats come in different designs with full or partial brims.  Wide variety of color options are available and can be customized with company logos. Accessories range from chin straps to sunshades, anti-glare decals and for additional vision, clear replaceable sun shields are available.

Safety head gear and face shields add an additional layer of protection when worn in conjunction with protective eye wear. Face shields provide additional protection from flying debris, heat and splash applications.  

Clear and tinted face shields are available.  Face shields can be worn with ratchet head gear or with hard hats.  Face shields should meet ANSI/ISEA Z-87.1-2010 impact rating for eye and face protection.