Dust and Paint Filters

S.O.T. offers a full line of filtering products for dust collectors, fume, and mist collectors, paint booths and powder coating booths.

Dust collectors may be integrated into a blast cabinet, blast room, sanding and grinding booths or downdraft tables using either bag filters or cartridge filters. Sanding booths and downdraft tables will use a variety of filters, from panel to cartridge, in a single or combination filter system. HEPA filtration is available when additional capacity is required to meet requirements.


Powder booths will either use a multi-stage filter system in spray-to-waste application or cartridge filters for recover and reclaim systems. Paint booths will utilize intake filters to prevent containment from entering the room and compromising the finish. Exhaust filters, including tackified and dual density filters, are used to prevent the coatings from escaping the facility. Most aerospace applications will require a three-stage filtration system utilizing pocket filters.


Filter media is constructed in a wide variety of materials including paper, cellulose, fiberglass, and polyester. Efficiency rating will vary, depending on the requirements of the specific application.