Project Consultation:

     Tap into S.O.T.’s vast product and application knowledge for your next project. We are available to meet with the engineers and production managers to review options on new projects or existing processes. On new projects, our experience can help evaluate the application and assist with process development, options on equipment, work flow and compliance with regulations to meet the project expectations. On current applications, our expertise can help improve productivity and efficiency, by implementing new procedures or upgrading equipment.

Process Development:

     What is the best method to finish a part?

     Along with our expertise, we can utilize the resources of our job shop facility, to test sample parts, to determine the most productive and efficient finishing process for your project. When needed, many of our vendors also have process labs, to assist with finishing process evaluation and development. Process development helps us evaluate the finishes available from air blast, wheel blast or vibratory applications. The time cycles needed for acceptable finishes will determine the equipment needed to meet through-put requirements.

Application Evaluation:

     Ever wonder; “Is there a better way?”

     The answer is, “most likely”. It can be hard to change old habits or methods of finishing, “we’ve always done it that way.” Let us take a look at your operation and see what improvements could be made. Finishing is our specialty and we work with customers on a daily basis to improve their processes. There are new abrasive products and tools being introduced by our manufacturers to increase production and lower operating costs. Some of the new products can finish faster, last longer and even reduce the number of steps needed to obtain desired results. Use this product and application knowledge to your advantage.