Clean Dry Air

Not only do industrial customers need compressed air to operate a wide-range of equipment, it is also important that the compressed air is clean and dry. Untreated compressed air poses a significant risk to the air system, equipment and finished products. Moisture can create corrosion in the pipe work, can cause premature failure to pneumatic equipment, and can result in poor quality in blast operations and in coatings.


A refrigerant dryer uses a refrigerant circuit and heat exchange to pre-cool hot compressed air. The air is refrigerated to condense out the water vapor, then it will reheat the air to prevent sweating down line. This type of dryer will commonly be installed as a stationary unit in manufacturing facilities in tandem with the air compressor and storage tank. 


Desiccant dryers are more commonly found providing dry compressed air on portable blast and paint systems. They can also be utilized as stationary units in production facilities. These dryers first cool the hot and wet compressed air, then the air passes through the drying vessel filled with the desiccant, cutting the humidity in half. Final step, the air passes through an after-filter to trap any fine particles in the air flow. 

Compressed air lines can travel a long distance in many facilities, allowing for condensation to build up and debris collected from the walls of black pipe. Point of contact Extractors/Dryers/Filters can be critical in providing dry air for air blast applications to maintain good media flow, to maintain the best operation of pneumatic tools and to provide quality finishes with paint and powder equipment. Regulators can be added to offer better control of air flow at the process. For pneumatic tool operations, a lubricator can be added to the string to provide continuous lubrication to the tool. 


Clean dry air for tools is needed to maximize performance of your equipment. But clean dry breathable air is vital to the protection of your personnel. Filters to remove oils and particulates, and CO monitors, are required when supplied air is used for personnel. For additional information, refer to blast safety or paint and powder safety.

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