Breathable Air Supply

Air Supply

Supplied air must meet specifications of Grade D breathable air or better to meet OSHA requirements. Contaminants such as oil, rust, water, dirt, scale and deadly carbon monoxide can find their way into the compressor or ambient air pump intake, or be produced by the air compressor itself. 

Proper set up for supplied air respirator systems include a CO monitor and air filtration. Supplied air systems are commonly used for abrasives blasting, painting, powder coating, welding and grinding applications. When selecting your system, take into consideration the CFM of compressed air required to properly operate the helmets or hoods, climate control tubes and cool vests for your operators.

Air filtration and CO Monitor can be individual components, or combined, into multi-function breathing panels with wall mounts or in clean air boxes for portable use.   

Air Filters
Air filters will remove odors, moisture and particulates to 0.5 micron from the compressed air stream. The air filters can be equipped with a wall mount or floor stand, for a single or multiple operators. Air filters do not remove CO or other toxic fumes.   

Free Air ambient air pumps are available when compressed air is not.  Free air pump units are available for single or multiple operators.  When used, work site conditions may require monitoring to meet NIOSH and OSHA regulations.

Carbon Monoxide Monitors
Carbon Monoxide Monitors must be used with supplied air.  The CO Monitors provide in-line air supply monitoring, and are available in fixed wall mount models or portable polypropylene cases to provide job-site protection. These can monitor the air supply for single or multiple operators.  Most CO monitors require regularly scheduled calibration.  

Audible and visual alarms options are available to help notify the operators and co-workers.  Clemco has the CMS-3 helmet mounted CO Monitor approved for use with their blast helmets for single operator protection.

The RPB GX4 Gas Monitor can detect up to 4 gases simultaneously. It utilizes pre-calibrated gas sensor cartridges for Carbon Monoxide. Other gas cartridges are available as applications dictate. Cartridges have a two-year shelf life. The GX4 includes smart device and cloud integration capabilities to view air quality and sensors in real time.

Air Flow and Climate Control
Air flow and climate control options are available for compressed air systems. Choose from direct or adjustable flow, cool tubes, hot air tubes and dual hot/cold tubes. The new generation of climate control devices, provide air flow adjustments, and the incoming air can be cooled up to 50 degrees or heated it up over 30 degrees.