Booths and Cure Ovens

As environment concerns and regulations continue to impact the industry, it is important that your paint and powder booth and curing ovens are up to the task. There are many options to choose from to insure your booths and ovens are compatible with the application and comply with local regulations. 


Open-face booths and fast-pak booths feature a modular design that offers the economy of standardized line of spray booths. There are a variety of sizes and options available to customize these booths to fit a broad range of industrial finishing applications. Booth size ranges from touch up and bench top booths to 20 foot wide booths. Standard features include non-sparking exhaust fan, four tube 4 foot class 1 division 2 florescent light fixtures, manometer, 20"x20" filter media. Most fast-pak booths can ship in 7 business days.


Custom built rooms are engineered to fit specific job and application requirements. Custom booths are not limited on height, width or depth like the fast-pak booths. Certain jobs may require a drive-through booth, conveyor or crane slots, additional lighting or air make up units. There are choices available to design the booth for your application; intake chambers, exhaust chambers, work doors, personnel doors, and air replacement units. Upgrade feature: pre-painted panels, 6 foot light fixtures, exhaust ductwork, U.L. listed control panels, three stage filtration and explosion proof lighting.


Large equipment and truck booths are offered in standard sizes or custom made booths. Large booths are available with non-pressurized cross draft air flow, or pressurized air flow in cross draft, side-downdraft or downdraft models. Structural steel reinforced construction provides rigidity and exterior flanged panels provide a smooth interior surface. Booths are shipped with product doors, personnel doors, manometer, light fixtures, exhaust fans, intake and exhaust filters. There are a number of options to consider with the large booths, such as roll-up product doors, lighting upgrades, split cabin, air replacement, curing and baking systems and paint mix rooms or kitchens.


Paint kitchens and paint mix rooms are designed for three primary purposes: to control contamination, to contain spills, and to remove harmful fumes during the mixing process. This allows for a higher quality finish and a safer work environment. Paint mix rooms offer cross ventilation to provide clean air and remove the fumes. Paint kitchens are portable, fire-rated buildings generally used to store hazardous materials and waste, paint mixing, and in-house pumping stations.


Powder coating booths are offered in non-recovery and recovery booths. Non-recovery, or spray to waste booths, are typically used in batch or low production applications this booth features an open face design with 3-stage filtration systems. Cartridge system collectors can be used in a non-recovery application or can be equipped with a recovery system. The cartridge module can be used with an open face booth for low to medium production rates. High production collection booths incorporate the cartridge module in a flow-through system. Recovering and reclaiming powder for re-application can lead to a quick ROI for the capital equipment.


Ovens can be used for a number of functions in paint and powder applications. Batch ovens can be used to pre-heat or dry parts prior to coating or used to bake and cure the coating after the application. Convection ovens incorporate a modular design for flow-through systems. These ovens can be heated with gas, fuel oil or electricity. Infrared technology is another popular option for curing and drying in flow-through systems. 


Surface preparations and pre-treatment for components prior to paint or powder include parts washing and drying. Many applications are improved with phosphate coatings to enhance the bonding or adhesion of the paint or powder. This can be accomplished with spray wash booth or with flow-through systems prior to applying the coating.


S.O.T. offers a wide-range of filter media options for paint and powder booths. 


S.O.T. also offers options of installation, start up, training, and many booth accessories to help keep it operating to its maximum production and keep it nice and clean.


Liquid paint applications require permitting from local governing authorities. Paint booths will require fire suppression systems to comply with most permit regulations.