Bonded Abrasives

Bonded abrasive products, often referred to as “grinding wheels,” are used for stock removal, grinding, weld blending, cutting, beveling, sharpening, and precision finishing. Bonded abrasives come in a variety of grains, grit sizes, bonding compositions, shapes, and sizes to fit many applications.

Resin-bonded products are used for a wide range of applications and ranging from the tool room, foundry floor or the job site. Vitrified wheels and segments are used in the tool rooms, production surface grinders and center-less machines.

The most common shapes:

  1. Type 1 - straight wheels, they range from cut off wheels and tool sharpening to surface grinding.

  2. Type 27 - depressed center wheels are available in thin cut off wheels or in 1/8” or 1/4” for stock removal, grinding or blending.

​*Other shapes include cups, cones and plugs.


Available grains include:

  • Ceramic

  • Zirconia

  • Aluminum Oxide

  • Silicon Carbide

  • Diamond

  • cBN 

Some products are available using combination grains, which enhance both life and cut rate. The combination grains improve performance while keeping costs down.  

Along with grain and grit sizes, the bonding compositions determine working characteristics. Softer bonds are referred to as fast cut, due to wear rates to quickly expose new grains. Harder bonds are called long life, making the wheels more durable. Contamination-free bonds are available for stainless steel applications.

3M Cubitron II Depressed Center Wheels