Belt Sanders

Abrasive sanding belts come in a wide variety of widths and lengths. It would only make sense that belt sanders come in a variety of sizes to accommodate these various belts. Wet and dry sanding models are available. Small belts will be used on portable, hand-held sanders, bench or pedestal stands. "Belt grinders" is a term widely used to distinguish a heavy-duty machine designed for aggressive sanding or stock removal, in wet or dry applications. 


The narrow belt category includes belts 1.5" to 6" for grinding, graining, or finishing. In this case, belt sanders would be lighter duty for deburring or finishing. These sanders have a few attachment options to fit the application, such as extensions for hard to reach areas or multiple wheels that allow the slack of the belt to be used for contours. Some machines can have center-less options for graining or polishing for tubing.

Center-less machines, or OD cylindrical finishers, can be their own category of belt sanders. These can be single of multiple heads to grain and polishing tubing or even aluminum ball bats. They can be equipped with buffing wheels for the final finishing step.

Edge sanding and stroke sanding would also fall into the narrow belt machine category. Stroke sanding allows the grain to be put back onto parts after some fabrication when removing scratches, pinch marks or tack welds. Some can use multiple belts to obtain desired finishes.


Back-stand sanders can be stand alone, or combined as a polishing and buffing lathes. These can be used for heavy stock removal or fine polishing.


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