Band and Saw Blades
Band Saw Blades

Band saw blades have evolved over the years to offer higher production rates, consistent performance, and more precise cutting.

New designs and innovations provide a variety of blade types to meet your requirements:

  • hard back to bi-metal blades for light production

  • bi-metal and carbide-tipped blades for heavy duty industrial

  • flex back for foundries and wood shops

  • scallop or knife-edged blades for foam and packaging industries


Lenox offers a number of tools to help you maximize blade performance, such as the "Guaranteed Trial Order" program to evaluate the costs per cut, the "Sawcalc" program to determine the blade, tooth specs, speeds, and feeds to achieve optimum performance and the "13 Point Tune Up" on your band saw to maximize performance by Lenox factory technical representatives.


Simmons is the industry leader in specialty blade material for cutting industrial foam or plastic, food processing, leather, and packaging products. Simmons innovations in design and product development continue to meet the changing demands of users. There is a wide variety of sizes and edge options to maximize cuts and reduce dust and waste. Single-edge or double-edge blades are available in narrow and wide knife, v-tooth, scallop, wavy, c-tooth, Razorback, Apex, Simcor, and B-III. Many are available in food-grade stainless steel to process meats, fruits, vegetables, and breads.

S.O.T. proudly provides our customers with a band saw weld center which is located in the Dallas facility. Our weld center is authorized and certified by Lenox and Simmons. Coil blade stock is cut to length, welded, and finished. This reduces lead times and inventory levels for our customers, saving time and money.