Alarms, Lights & Audio


Do you have people working alone?

Man Down or Lone Worker Wireless Alarms offer added safety for personnel working alone in confined or isolated areas, in fixed facilities, or on mobile job sites. New OSHA regulations state that these employees must be accounted for, and this includes many blast and paint applications. Most blast rooms and paint booths are manned by single operators, or lone workers, and it is difficult to monitor their well-being.  

A downed man can trigger a manual panic alarm for assistance, or if motion is not detected, an alarm will sound to alert co-workers and supervisors.


Locator beacons are available to find a downed man. There alarms can also be programmed to make phone calls to supervisors or safety personnel. The components are rugged, durable, and intrinsically safe.

Carbon Monoxide Monitors provide in-line air supply monitoring,and are available in fixed-wall mount models or portable polypropylene cases to provide in job-site protection. Audible and visual alarm options are available to help notify the operators and co-workers when air quality has reached dangerous levels.  


Can you see me now?

Work Lights

Portable work lights come in a wide range of options to provide a safe and productive working environment for blasters and painters. Site or temporary work space lighting options include new LED setups that provide brighter illumination in smaller, lightweight lamp heads. Explosion-proof lighting options are available in area lights, work lights, string lights, and headlamps. Intrinsically safe LED flashlights and headbands are also available.   

Abrasive Blast Lights

Those who are using blasting equipment need to be able to see what they are working on. Abrasive Blast Lights, with Halogen or LED bulbs, are available in helmet-mounted styles, hose-mounted styles, nozzle-mounted, or portable light stands. New helmet mounted LED lights offer rechargeable battery packs that can provide full shift life cycles, with short recharge times.


Can you hear me now?

Wireless Communication Systems are available for additional operator safety.


Communicate with co-workers, pot tenders, and team members effortlessly and safely. These are ideal for remote job-site locations like storage tanks, shipyards, water towers, bridges, or other areas that are hard to access. 

Headsets can be easily worn with most blast and welding helmets, or attached to hard hats. Push-to-talk buttons can be located for easy operator accessibility. Intrinsically safe versions are also available.