Air Blast Equipment

Air blast equipment uses compressed air, either through suction blast or direct pressure system, to deliver abrasive media to the work piece. The application and production rates will determine which type of equipment is the best option for productivity and efficiency. Blast cabinets range from entry level manual hand cabinets, to fully-automated and robotic blast operations.

Blast cabinet working chambers are available in sizes ranging from 26" x 36" up to 72" x 72". Along with the blast chamber, all cabinets will have some type of dust collection. Media recover and reclaimers are available options for entry level cabinets, but are standard components on production quality cabinets.

Suction Blast Cabinets

Suction blast cabinets are designed for lower production rates. Suction blast cabinets are ideal for blasting operations less than four hours per shift using aluminum oxide or glass bead. However, they are not recommended for lightweight media such as plastic and baking soda, or heavy, metallic media.