Abrasive Air Blast Services 
     Blast Cabinets and Blast Room

Abrasive blasting was the second job shop service that S.O.T. offered. It began with one blast cabinet and one need: a "peened" finish using glass bead blast. Shortly after that, a second cabinet was added with aluminum oxide media for surface preparation and to remove coatings, scale, or corrosion.  

A few years later, we had a customer with parts that were too large to fit into their own equipment. The parts required scale and rust removal and surface preparation for paint, which all required the use of steel grit. This job resulted in the installation of our first blast room.

Today, we have dedicated manual pressure blast cabinets for glass bead, aluminum oxide, and plastic media applications. Plastic media is the best option for removing powder coating. We also have a basket blast cabinet for bead blasting small parts.  

Customers can evaluate the difference in performance and production of suction blast and direct pressure blast systems. The cabinets also provide the opportunity to see standard, and optional features, in both the Empire or the Clemco-Zero blast equipment. 

Our blast room is 16’ w x 24’ l x 10’ h and has the capability of blasting with numerous types of abrasive media.


Depending on the application and specifications, we have separate pressure pots for different media including: glass bead, garnet, steel, brown or white aluminum oxide, plastic, and baking soda. Customers can evaluate the media recovery system and operator safety equipment used with blast room applications. 

Air Abrasive Blast finishing capabilities:

     •    Removing coatings and corrosion
     •    Descaling
     •    Peening
     •    Surface preparation
     •    Blending
     •    Satin or matte finishing
     •    Deburring
     •    Cleaning
     •    Decorative frost finishing
     •    Etching or mil-profiling
     •    Surface treating
     •    Deflashing
     •    Burnishing

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